3D Wolf Shape Mirror Wall Stickers DIY TV Background Room Wall Decoration Bedroom Bathroom Home Decoration Mirror

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Product description
Material: Acrylic
Weight: Small: 90g
          Medium: 180g
          Large size: 360g
Thickness: 1mm

Features of Mirror Wall Stickers]
1. Waterproof and anti-corrosion.
2 Decorative mirror, as clear as the mirror, and the same as the mirror at close range.
3 Simple and generous, rhythmic, expand the sense of space.

1 When you first receive it, there will be a protective film on the surface, which is hazy like a fog. After the protective film is removed, it will be a bright mirror. Please do not give us a bad evaluation because the protective film is not torn off.
2 The mirror is not made of glass, so after tearing off the protective film, you just need to enjoy it quietly, don't wipe it, touch it, baby is a decorative mirror, she needs your careful care~~

3 After sticking, when removing the protective film on the front side, if you can't remove it with your nails, you can use a blade or needle to tear it off easily.
    Please do not use your own imagination to buy or evaluate, the renderings are for reference only! Please see the size introduction for the actual size!


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