Emergency Lighting LED Light Portable Wolf Alarm

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Product description

Product function:
Function 1: pull ring alarm
Function 2: Click for three consecutive days to send out the international SOS alarm sound
Function 3: lighting LED
Function 4: Rechargeable and recyclable
Function 5: Warning light
Function 6: Compass

1. When the field traveler needs to ask for help in an emergency or loses his way, he can use this product to ask for help and distinguish the direction.
2. In case of emergency, pull out the pull ring of the personal alarm and send out a high decibel alarm sound, which acts as a deterrent and a call for help to remind people nearby to help.
Usually, it can be used as one end of the key chain to attach to the mobile phone or other items, and the other end is fixed on the body or in the bag. When the items fall off or in other emergencies, pull out the pin, which will send out a strong alarm sound of 130 decibels. To stop the alarm, just plug in the plug.
3. It can also be used as an emergency light when it is necessary to fill the light at ordinary times.

Product application:
◆ It is a very beautiful decoration and the bodyguard of every girl. A woman walks alone in the dark. If a suspicious person approaches, she can pull out the plug to scare the suspicious person away from his evil intention.
◆ Night runners can trigger an alarm and make a noise to scare suspicious people when they encounter someone following.
◆ The old man carries an alarm with him or hangs it at the bedside at night. In case of emergency, the alarm will be triggered for timely rescue.
◆ When traveling, if you get lost, you can trigger the alarm to avoid missing, or when you get lost when hiking in the wild, you can use the compass of the product to divide directions.
◆ This alarm can also protect leather bags, mobile phones and valuables from loss, theft and robbery. It is suitable for people and widely used.
◆ Rechargeable electrical appliances are designed with battery design to ensure that the product can be recycled and can be recharged and reused at any time when there is no power after use

Packing list:
Pull ring alarm x1pc

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