LED Light Car Shark Fin Antenna Roof Tail Modification Light With Solar Car Antenna

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Product description

Start up instructions:
Dim light (at night) → car stops → no flashing
Conditions: strong light (daytime) → vehicle driving → LED light does not flash
Dark light (at night or in the tunnel) → car driving → only when the light is dark + the car will be bright when driving (light + shock)

the car will automatically turn off after 120 seconds of standstill
8 LED beads, four color light warning.
Anti-build antenna design, LED shark fin solar warning light
Multi-color selection, appearance through paint process, corrosion resistance, aging resistance
High efficiency light plate is used, no external power supply is required




Package Contents:
1Pc Shark fin warning light

1.This product can not replace the original car antenna, is a copy of the antenna modeling production.There is no radio function.
2.For the first use, please press the red switch button at the bottom to confirm that the light is on and paste the installation after no problem

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