Luminous sea Fish Octopus Wall Stickers Underwater

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Product description


Item Description:

Product name: YC8013 Blu-ray underwater world wall sticker luminous sticker

Material: PVC

Size: 20*30cm


1. Package includes: We provide watercolor sea creatures in different shapes and sizes for you to design a bright and realistic sea world space. It's like being in a sea world full of live sea animals like baby sharks, jellyfish, turtles, corals, starfish, tropical fish, minnows, bubbles and more.

2. High Quality: Our marine decals are made of high quality vinyl and PVC material, safe and non-toxic, removable, durable and waterproof. The sea animal colors are bright and durable, not easy to fade. Our marine decals are highly self-adhesive and will not come off easily and will not damage your paint or any surface.

3. Glow in the dark: These underwater ceiling wall stickers are made of high-quality luminous material, which will glow when absorbing enough light during the day. After absorbing light during the day, they glow at night for about 8-15 hours. We suggest you charge them for 10-30 minutes with indoor lights, sunlight or a flashlight, you can also stick them near lights.

4. Easy to peel and stick: These sea life decals are easy to stick and peel off, just peel and stick to a clean and smooth surface, such as walls, windows, doors, etc. They are also removable without damaging your finish. Please use a hair dryer to dry and then tear it off. These sea life stickers are practical and durable with strong self-adhesive for long-lasting use.

5. Wide Application: Our fish wall decals can definitely turn any boring space into an exciting water park. You can apply underwater animals to living rooms, furniture, TV walls, bathrooms, bedrooms, classrooms, libraries, hallways, cabinet doors, glass, windows, mirrors, and more.

Package Included:

2pcs * 20*30cm YC8013 Blu-ray underwater world wall sticker luminous sticker


1. If you are pasting on the surface of glass or tile, because its material is relatively smooth, it is better to dry the surface with a clean rag before pasting, so that it is easier to paste, and the smoothing effect is better;

2. For some larger pattern stickers, some bubbles may appear after flattening. At this time, you can use a scratch card to remove the bubbles or puncture and smooth the small bubbles with a needle tip, which will not affect the overall paste effect. ;

3. If the pasted wall is damp, aged or just painted with new paint, it may cause the wall sticker to automatically fall off after pasting, or it may cause the wall to peel off. You can use a hair dryer to dry the wall with hot air or wait for the paint to evaporate for a period of time. I will post it later, but the effect may be different, so customers are kindly requested to choose the posted location carefully;

4. If you accidentally paste the wall sticker in the wrong place, you can use a small blade to gently lift off the corner of the wall sticker and tear it off, and then paste it again. This product can be reused under normal circumstances, as long as it is not torn;

5. The layout size of DIY series products is tight, you can play unlimited creativity, freely combine the shapes and positions, you can cut the pattern separately with scissors, and be careful not to damage the pattern when cutting



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